Tenso/KyoAni Webshop Review!!

Hello! Long time no update! Sorry for the HUGE gap between updates. Life has been really rough for me lately and I could not balance work, family, and hobbies so unfortunately my blog went on the back burner... However, things are a lot better now and I have a lot more free time to be updating more frequently! So with that...

Today I bring to you fellow otome lovers a review! It is not a game review (yet!) but it is a shopping service review. Being an import gamer (and a fujoshi haha) some online stores are inaccessible to us foreigners. It's a real drag but that is just the downside to the hobby. Luckily nowadays there are SO many options! There are a lot of sites that allow you to order various merchandise, games, and DVDs/Blu-rays! However sometimes Japanese websites have special editions that you can only get there. It's super annoying! Back in the day the only thing you could do was either go to Japan and hope you can find it... or contact an SS (shopping service) to do your bidding. Now we have options! There are fowarding services you can use where they provide you an address, your merch gets delivered to them and they send it to you! I decided to try out one of them (probably the most well-known one) from a friends recommendation; Tenso!


Otome Game Review: Amnesia V

Sorry for the huge (and uncalled for) hiatus! Life has been pretty rough lately and I haven't had the time to update or play much. However, life is starting to calm down so I can start blogging a bit more regularly!

So today I bring to you another game review for a PS Vita title; AMNESIA V. I haven't seen any reviews for this title yet (at least, from blogs that I have read). So I hope this helps a bit!


Game Guide: Starry Sky~Spring Portable~

Sorry for the late posts! Work has taken up a lot of my time lately and I haven't been able to do a proper update... Well, today you are in for a treat! This is my first game guide that I am making! I got a few of the route answers from one of my magazines and the rest came from many hours of trial and error It took me awhile to code everything correctly (I am really rusty with html now ugh...) but I hope it is easy to navigate! I hope my little guide is helpful! Please, enjoy!


Unboxing New Video Game Goodies!

So last week Saturday I finally received my box of new games from Japan The price kind of killed me but it was totally worth it! I've been waiting for a new Japanese 3DS game for awhile now so this box made my weekend. I also finally picked up my collector's edition for Muramasa on the vita (which I will include in this post).


Otome Game Review: ときめきメモリアルGirl's Side 2nd Kiss

First "official" post and its going to be a game review! It's on an older game but I feel this series is greatly under appreciated for how innovative it is. I wish there were more ときメモ fans out there. Hopefully, this review will convert some people (‐^▽^‐)